Top Must-Visit Underwater Wonders of the World
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Top Must-Visit Underwater Wonders of the World

Underwater Wonders

Top Must-Visit Underwater Wonders of the World

Incomparable beauty lies in all that the surface holds. The elegance gets redefined as you flip down to dive into the depths below. The natural colours of the water that flows beneath possess a magical charm to wash away all the blues of your life. Every breath of the aquatic beings sends bubbles through you to clear the turbidity in your souls. A visit to such underwater locations has proven to have therapeutic value. Planning a vacation to the beneath? Don’t think twice; take that step towards the opening to infinite dreams and colours. Here are some of the best underwater locations Summerbay Resort where you can spend the quality time of your vacation.

1.      The Great Barrier reef, Queensland, Australia

Ever experienced a live high-definition swim of aquatic beings? Diving into the waters of Queensland is going to take you deep into the world that you have never explored. The crystal clear waters will transport you to a magical universe that will infuse you with the long-awaited tranquillity. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the world and the biggest coral reef in the world. It has got a wide range of spellbinding colourful flora and fauna that include turtles, sharks, corals, sea stars, and much more, It has got various sites to go diving, and it is equally fit for amateurs and professionals to dive.

2.      The Great Blue Hole, Belize

Great Blue Hole

In the Ice Age, when the sea levels stood at a lower range, the hole was formed on the surface of the earth. As time passed, sea levels rose to higher ranges, and the hole was filled with the blues of enchantment to take the form of a submarine sinkhole. The Great Blue Hole, which is about 124 m deep and 300 m wide, is situated near the Lighthouse Reef. No matter whether you travel on a plane or a boat, the submarine hole is one magnificent place to visit with all its surroundings (the whole of Belize) holding a unique beauty to itself.

3.      Underwater Waterfall, Mauritius

Mauritius is mostly known for this wondrous spectacle that holds the face of the island. In its pure form, Underwater Waterfall isn’t a waterfall, but it does simulate one with those silt and fine sand that has settled beneath the water. Since the island is still in its formation stages, a slope exists on the bed beneath those waters. The pristine beaches and the green surroundings are factors that allure tourists to this majestic location.

4.      Fernando De Noronha, Brazil

ernando De Noronha

What lies beneath in these warm waters? A lot is all that one can say. The world under the surface of the water has an entirely different charm to it. The warm waters make it suitable for a 40 m dive even without a suit. Apart from the flora beneath it, there are tunnels, rocks, and canyons to accentuate the aesthetic beauty. Visiting this place is not recommended in the monsoon (from March to August).


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